Davide Luciano

Sheeponista, Sheep Nation series 2 

Audrey, Sheep Nation series

Sheep Nation a series of photographic works by Davide Luciano, whom explores this fertile ground through a characteristically satirical yet compassionate lens.

This large-scale photographic series includes twenty-three intimate and introspective portraits of sheeple and six scenes. The sheeple were created with prosthetic masks moulded on Davide’s face and then sculpted by a special effects make-up artist. It was a 3 hour transformation for the models who then stayed in sheep character all day to get the various shots. The entire series took eight months to produce and three days to shoot with a crew of 15 people. Davide’s background in film influences the shot as well as the production, he decided to use continuous lighting for the portraits and was extremely meticulous with every detail in each scene. The editing and printing process was also very involving for the artist who wanted the portraits to have an vintage film feel, he contrast the old and new by printing on high gloss face-mount acrylic.

Donna, Sheep Nation series

Davide, Sheep Nation series

Dolly’s Book Club-Clover Juice Detox Diet, Sheep Nation series 2 

The portraits convey the feeling that behind every mask lies a personal truth, an innocence, a sense of individualism, a longing to be seen and heard. The 6 mises en scène depict people unable to think for themselves. Allowing the influences of different forms of media to undermine their own identity and wander mindlessly in herds, like sheep.

Diver on Ave Musset, Potholes series

‘Potholes’ is a series of photographs depicting the concave street cracks and holes as a collection of imaginative tableaux in the city. Captured within the backdrops of New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal, the sets explore the urban flaws as a playground creating a multitude of uses out of the potholes. Directly engaging the street and the city, the highly imaginative series transforms the bad into good, creating a tongue-in-cheek collection that is at once contextual and surreal.

Alice in Wonderland-30th Street NYC, Pothole series

Baywatch on Amalfi Cr, Pothole series

Doing Laundry on Rue St., Pothole series 

Artist Statement

Davide Luciano is a conceptual and fine-art photographer/filmmaker living and creating his works in Montréal, Canada.

Looking back at my childhood everything makes perfect sense, I spent countless hours playing with toys, creating stories and imagining different scenarios. Today, nothing has changed except my toys have been replaced by friends, family and models and I create large-scale photographic prints that are meticulously staged to create humor and awareness.

School was never a priority nor an interest until I enrolled in film school, which was the beginning of my journey. I instantly found my voice, passion and vision to express my views for the world to see.  After writing, directing and editing a few short films which were well received with praise and accolades, I realized I wanted to challenge myself and create “mises en scenes” with a single frame.

My work has been exhibited in solo and group shows across Canada and the United States in cities such as New York, Toronto, Montréal, Washington and Kentucky. I have had the honor of winning numerous awards, including an award of excellence from Megan Fontanella, curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Davide Luciano’s Website

Davide Luciano’s Pothole Series

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