David Ryle

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle1Landscapes #005

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle2Desert Studies #007

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle3Atlanta #01

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle4Landscapes #oo6

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle65Ice Walkers #002

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle6The Space Coast, #011 ( Launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis)

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle7Into The Valley #011

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle8Into The Valley #021

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle9Landscapes #027

EscapeIntoLife_DavidRyle10Landscapes #051

Artist Statement

“I grew up in The Fens, on the outskirts of a small village in Lincolnshire. My family home was flanked on three sides by large open fields that grew corn in the summer and root vegetables in the winter. In the summer the landscape was full of life and colour, in the winter it was bleak, grey and brown. Throughout the year the horizon remained distant beneath an expanse of sky, reminiscent of a Dutch landscape painting. This openness has influenced how I photograph, it’s helped me to stand back and recognise the role of space in my pictures.”

Artist Bio

David Ryle, born in 1978, is a photographer living and working from London. His work has been used for both editorial and advertising campaigns as well being as exhibited in various galleries. His images have been selected for both the AoP Awards and The Creative Review Photography Annual. Within his work he explores the notion of space and the human relationship with our surroundings; often he is drawn to the idea of nothingness, shooting the redundant space between two territories.

About David Ryle

David’s work spans various disciplines, capturing environments, cars, people & portraits. He creates quiet scenes, with subtle colour palettes, that are contemplative and yet alive. Like a still from a film they have a narrative, each scene seems to have a before and an after.

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