David Ehrlich

Not-for-Beginners Yoga

Please Please Please Please Please

Portrait (With Pinned Ear)

Singing for My Supper

Dog-Gone Happy

Darn Squirrel

I Could Use a Big Hug

They Will Not Make Me Smile

Note: The captions are the editor’s own.

Artist Statement

I enjoy making portraits of dogs that reflect their personality and invite viewers to see the animals as they would a person.

Although I photograph a range of subjects, I think dogs are among the most fun to capture on camera. I never know in advance how any one dog’s portrait will turn out; sometimes, in the split second it takes to make an exposure, I end up seeing the dog from a unique perspective.  And I love how I can use my studio lights and professional camera equipment to capture every hair or other detail of the subject. Peering into a dog’s eyes lets viewers — especially those who aren’t the subject’s parent — connect with the dog in a way they otherwise might not.

About the Artist

David Ehrlich, who got his start in photography at age 13, operates a portrait studio in Arlington, Virginia. He especially enjoys the challenges of portrait photography and working with diverse subjects, including models in studio settings and models interacting on-site, in nature, or in such venues as abandoned buildings. Working on-site, David Ehrlich believes, presents unique lighting and posing challenges while adding an extra dimension to every image made.

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