Danielle Hanson

small luxuries

midnight in March


highline park #2

highline park after dark

most magical place I have ever been….

untitled 2


waiting for the next adventure

somewhere on the pacific coast

all to myself

About The Artist

Danielle Hanson is 26 years old, she lives in Portland, Maine. Photography isn’t her only job, she works full time as an ER nurse in a level 1 trauma center.

She made time to study photography in college in addition to her nursing degree and continues to shoot freelance projects on the side. She shoots a wide range of subject matter from portraits, architecture, cityscapes, and nature. She enjoys portrait photography the most, but doesn’t limit herself to only genre. Being in a field where you are interacting with people on a highly intimate and intense level, she often retreats into open natural spaces in her free time where there aren’t many people. She was surprised when the images for this publication were chosen mostly from her galleries of landscapes and empty cityscapes. But perhaps it is because in these spaces, she finds time to slow down and breath, and that is something that resonates with many people when they examine how hectic and crowded their lives feel today.

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2 responses to “Danielle Hanson”

  1. I like the magical place… These images are beautiful.   

  2. “somewhere on the pacific coast” i don’t want a painting like that, i want that image painted so its covering an entire Wall.

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