Claudia Rogge

escapeintolife -crogge1Das Paradies der Zaungaeste, 2009

escapeintolife_claudiarogge2Die Pathologie de Parteinganger II,2006

escapeintolife_claudiarogge3Taktile II, 2006

escapeintolife_claudiarogge4Dreamer I, 2008

escapeintolife_claudiarogge5Multitude I, 2007

escapeintolife-claudiarogge6Orbitale I, 2007

escapeintolife_claudiarogge7Ex Machina I, 2007

escapeintolife_claudiarogge8Camouflage II

escapeintolife_claudiarogge9ISO-100214, 2010

escapeintolife_claudiarogge10Meutale, 2006

About the Artist

Claudia Rogge, Düsseldorf artist b. 1968, is simultaneously ringmaster, choreographer, and collagist. Each new series begins with all-night sessions in which Rogge takes as many as 10,000 photos of individual performers demonstrating the same simple tasks or motions. Later, on her computer, she integrates selected images into complex compositions that appear to be documents of a group performance.

Major sources of inspiration include dance, theater, and opera, but also the circus. While studying communications in Berlin and Essen, where she began to work with video, Rogge became “increasingly fascinated by the concept of the mass – by parades, choirs, refugees, concertgoers, rallies, football fans, exiles.” ( David Galloway)

Claudia Rogge looks at a crowd and sees a challenging work of art. She continually photographs hordes of people – or rather, makes digital collages that look like hordes of people – to query the individual part we each play within the crowd.

Arranged either in repetition, tessellation or in choreographed groups, her figures represent the unique little tiles that form an intricate mosaic. En masse they pose all sorts of ponderous, wranglesome questions about conformity, identity and pack mentality, but they also elicit a more immediate response; the aesthetic patterns they create satisfy our craving for order and routine, while their swarming, uncontrollable bodies give that much-needed hint of chaos. (Holly Kyte)

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