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Odyssey collection

Upon The Cheek Of Night


The Promise




Angel’s Flight

Artist Bio

Born in Honolulu, and raised in a family of musicians in the small beach town of Kailua, Hawaii, on Oahu’s windward coast, Rogers is also a filmmaker and musical lyricist for the band “Forty Point”. Her photographs will be on exhibit during the remaining part of this year at The Honolulu Academy of Arts Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii; The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, California; at Graphite Galleries during New Orleans 2011 PhotoNola Photography Festival and at Laura Rathe Fine Art during Houston’s 2012 FotoFest Biennial Photography Festival. Her work is currently represented by and on exhibit at Barclay’s Club in Monaco, Europe; James Gray Gallery, Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California; Laura Rathe Fine Art in Houston, Texas; Graphite Galleries in New Orleans, Louisiana; and Cedar Street Galleries and Fine Art Associates in Honolulu, Hawaii. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California and Kailua, Hawaii.

About The Artist

Christy Lee Rogers, a self-taught photographer, indulges in her obsession of water as a medium for breaking the conventions of contemporary photography. Resembling Baroque paintings and mastering the chiaroscuro qualities of Italian painter Caravaggio, her subjects bend and distort; bathing in darkness, isolated by light, and brought to life by ones own imagination.

Rogers’ latest collection, Odyssey, features large-scale ethereal portraits and emotional narratives through which Rogers explores the flexible nature of the earth bound human body. The stark contrast of each form and its isolation produces a strong sense of vulnerability, and yet Rogers exudes a desire to break free from the shackles that bind us to “reality.” Her darker masked figures contrast against the colorful buoyancy of innocence in other images, drawing attention to her playful, yet moral story of good versus evil. Bodies become vessels for conveying the delicate nature of life beyond the human condition, where defying gravity and exploring physics explodes in magic for the senses.

With light refraction as the technical foundation for her work, Rogers utilizes this phenomenon of light as it passes from the air, which has a lower optical density, into water, with a higher optical density, to capture in-camera images, without the modern post-production manipulations.

The collection’s origin lies in Rogers’ experiments with spatial relationships that over time developed into these austere, unique portraits. Rogers sought out to create a sanctuary for the viewer, a place separate from the intrusions and chaos of the world where she could give voice to nuanced, mysterious feelings; those too elusive to reduce into words.

While evoking mystery, confusion, freedom and playfulness within her images, her modern blend of figuration and surreal abstraction come to life in underwater dances set against an enveloping of black and presented in large format.

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  1. Paul says:

    Wow, these are truly amazing! Incredibly unique. Fantastic work…

  2. Christy Lee Rogers says:

    Thank you Paul!!!!!

  3. wow, very beautiful and special

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