Carla Fernandez Andrade

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About Carla Fernandez Andrade

Carla Fernández Andrade is a Spanish photographer who has a beautiful perspective of slightly surreal proportions. Her compositions evoke a dream-like quality of bleached colorings and warm tones, elements that exude nostalgia. The majority of her subject matter is organic landscape settings, and Carla has the skill to capture places as romantic and distant. Carla says about her photography, “I’m interested in imperfect photography that isn’t guided by inflexible rules. I like expressive works that break the established order, that’s why I photograph my subconscious.”

Carla Fernandez Andrade’s Website

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  1. Michael Zekos says:

    Not a fan, keep trying.

  2. Monica says:

    As a photographer with a very different style, I actually really love this.

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