Valerio Carrubba

escapeintolife_vcarrubba-piI Prefer Pi, 2008, oil on stainless steel, 60 x 75 cm

escapeintolfie -vcarrubba -somanySo Many Dynamos, 2006, oil on stainless steel, 70 x 60 cm

escapeintolife_vcarrubba_degasDegas Is Aged, 2008, oil on stainless steel, 60 x 52 cm

escapintolife_vcarrubba_ribBird Rib, 2007, oil on stainless steel, 52 x 70


Pet Step, 2007, oil on stainless steel, 51 x 48 cm

esacapeintolife_valeriocarrubba_ ifi

If I, 2009, oil on stainless steel, 55 x 70 cm


Rotator, 2009, oil on stainless steel, 70 x 55 cm


Bob, 2010, oil on stainless steel, 60 x 48.5 cm


Natan, 2010, oil on stainless steel, 60 x 54 cm

About Valerio Carrubba

What is unusual about Valerio Carrubba’s process is his choice to paint the same picture twice, so that the superimposition of the same figure creates a slight mismatch in lines and forms. This repeated action transforms the painting into an automatic gesture, that at one and the same time, emphasizes and repudiates the subject.

His works are further characterized by the use of supports in stainless steel – which further the idea of stratification inherent in each work – and by the choice of palindromic titles, legible from right to left and vice versa without changing meaning.

Carrubba’s favorite subjects are transfigured bodies and faces, “living cadavers” more often than not inspired by anatomical illustrations collected in medical manuals from every era. This sort of narrative realism blends with a reflection on the art of painting, the accent of which appears to shift from product to process.  (pianissimo gallery)

Valerio Carrubba Bio

Valerio Carrubba at Pianissimo Gallery, Milan

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