Valerie Patterson

Undergoing, 30 x 39 in.

Waiting Room, 27 x 35 in.

Homeland Security, 31 x 38 in.

Safety Zone, 27 x 35 in.

Rain, 31 x 37 in.

Witnesses, 27 x 35 in.

Encompassed, 30 x 39 in.

Rebirth, 27 x 34 in.

Artist Statement 

While each of my works inevitably contain a sense of the personal, I believe that it is also important that they contain a social consciousness. I create images that provoke action, thought, and a feeling of commonality; often transcending the decorative, entertaining, or “easy”. Many of my images have demanding,  disturbing or uncomfortable content –  giving a voice to anger, hurt or fear.  I believe that by focusing on life’s harsh realities, my art can be a force for discovery, unity, humanity and support in difficult times.

Artist Bio  

Valerie Patterson grew up in northern NY state along the St. Lawrence river; the daughter of a Minister and a Teacher. She earned degrees in Art and Education and has been creating and teaching Art  for the past 24 years. Valerie currently lives in northern NY state, with her partner and pets, in an old farm house.

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