Tyler Bewley


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Tyler Bewley was raised in Oakland and now lives and works in San Francisco. In addition to being a painter, he is a K – 8th grade art teacher. Bewley’s work has been shown around the Bay Area and in a number of literary publications.

What is the biggest misconception about art?

That one can ever really reach a final destination or growth point with their art.

You are never fully matured as an artist. Art for the individual is ever evolving and changing. An artist exists in a relationship with his or her work that expands and takes on new dimension with every endeavor and experience.

Which is more important in art – concept or execution?

I think ideally they should coexist. However, there is a concept in the music world that is if you strip away all of the production and embellishment from a song, it should stand on its own. Essentially, without a strong concept, there is no base for the execution. –Littlebird  (Little Bird Gallery)

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