Shauna Eve

My Own Worst Anemonie




Honey Tounge

Don’t Bite a Gift Horse in the Mouth…

Keep You

Hold  (Your Horses)

Artist Statement

Shauna Eve is a freelance Illustrator & Painter currently residing in Montreal, Canada.

I draw confessions. Things I can’t or won’t say out loud find a voice on paper in the form of anamorphic avatars. A bit of a wanderer, my work has influences from living in the north, on the west coast, New York and Montreal. Horse headed women cavort with wasps that carry human teeth, while disembodied hands engage in an intimate clasping of beak and tongue, inviting the viewer to taste, to touch, to feel.

There is an element of the talisman in my work which has lent itself to tattoos, logos, and band art as well as collections exploring what it means to be human in an ever changing emotional/physical landscape.

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