Sean Mahan

Origami Girl

Invisible Weight

Girl and Buttons

Invisible Weight 3

Sewing 4

Boy With Accordion

Girl Holding Hands

Erin Tobey

About The Artist

This series of paintings by Sean Mahan is part of a larger series of figurative paintings on wood. The paintings are social-realist graphite renderings on oak and birch, colored with thin washes of acrylic. They depict a sense of wonder at the simple inherent sweetness of the human character and its conflict with structures of power and control.

Recently, Seanʼs work has shown at the Subtext Gallery, San Diego; Display Gallery, Gainesville; Art Basil, Miami; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville; and the Brooklyn Collective, New York. He currently is showing at Gallery 5, Richmond; and the Cummer Museum, Jacksonville.

Sean has enjoyed creating cover artwork for the bands: Twelve Hour Turn, Floor, Daitro, Dauntless Elite, Jets vs. Sharks, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Beat Buttons, North Lincoln, Fires, Del Cielo, The Gifthorse, Mouthbreather, Senders, Little League, Back Pocket, Small Talk, Solid Pony, Laura Minor, Verde, Kids on Bikes, and more.

Sean Mahan’s Website

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