Sean Landers

Why So Panicky?, (2004), oil on linen 84 x 144 in. via Andrea Rosen Gallery

Sad Boor, (2003), oil on linen 84 x 144 in. via Andrea Rosen Gallery

Sonic Youth Day, (2007), oil on linen 60 x 102 in. via Andrea Rosen Gallery

Luck, Fear, Regret ,(2003) Oil on Linen 56 x 78 in. via Andrea Rosen Gallery

I’m Not Cool and I Know It, (2005), oil on linen 53 x 65 in. via Andrea Rosen Gallery

Cygnet Committee, (2008), Oil on LInen 77 x 104 in. via Friedrich Petzel Gallery

Home Alone All Grown Up ,(2008) oil on linen 35 x 28 in. via Friedrich Petzel Gallery

I’m banal, we’re all banal. I think that’s the point right? Yep, that’s it. -Sean Landers

Two Excerpts from ArtForum:

“If misery loves company, Landers might be consoled by his art’s part in a larger esthetic and cultural tendency that wears its asocial attitudes and nonintellectual dispositions, its paranoia and its delusions of grandeur, its adolescent tendencies and its obsessional leanings, on its sleeve. He deserves to be singled out, though, for taking it over the top: his efforts to show that the inner idiot is in control are totally convincing. The work gives us little opportunity, perhaps little inclination, to identify with an expressive “consciousness,” to appreciate esthetic accomplishment, to enjoy the irony of institutional critique. What’s left?”

“Thus we are constantly brought back to the form itself: is it novelistic, diaristic, parody, critique? Is it literary at all? Is it art? Does it matter? Landers’ comic language of mundanity divorces his Conceptual and Minimal frameworks from their earlier functions, substituting solipsism for self-reference, routine for serial repetition.somewhere between artistic fiction and ruse.” (full review here)

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