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Artist Bio

Ryan Seslow is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York. Working in all mediums Seslow shows his work both nationally and internationally. He is a professor of fine arts teaching studio art courses simultaneously between 4 colleges in the NY area.

Seslow’s work promotes and explores the idea that we experience the physical world of form through manifesting our inner dialogs outwardly. The conscious and unconscious conversations that one has with itself will solidify fragments of infinite possibility. ” I let that flow out of me with out question.” As the navigator, he claims: ” We will discover our vastness, an energy directly connected to everything and everyone.” Consider the concept and context of what you perceive as “self “, as a physical absorbent of expanding potential. Every human being, every momentary encounter, every relationship, every object, & every geographical location will serve as a portal of your expansion. Ryan puts that into his work. What is your relationship to the facility of your learning potentials? And where do you want to GO?! He uses and teaches a multidisciplinary artistic process to help people navigate their worlds. “Welcome aboard, you have been cast into the ongoing script.”

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