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 Double Fantasy 3

Double Fantasy 2 

Double Fantasy 1

Double Fantacy 0

Divers best express and synthesize what fascinates me: the performance of a moving body, which turns into a flight. I think that all of us at some point in life have dreamed of flying, at the least when we were children and we wanted to fly away from a certain situation, or fly into the arms of someone. We all hoped to have that special and magical power. I have kept that desire alive in me and I transfer it into my art.

Diver 8 (Divas)

Diver (Divas)

Volare (Divas)

Michelle (Divas)

Costumata (Divas)

About The Artist

Born into a family of artists and musicians, Roberta Pinna has been creating art since she was a small child. Undertaking her studies in Italy, France and at School of Visual Art – New York. She paints on canvas, board or paper, often prepared with a gesso ground and then drawn or painted onto using mixed media such as acrylic, oil, charcoal, gouache or pencil. From the hundreds of photos she takes, she picks out individuals and isolates figures from their original setting onto the gesso. Her figures are suffused in an expanse of white or colored space. Bodies are denied in any identity and relationship with their environment. She works and lives in Milano, Italy.

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