Rick Garland

 Enough, 92 x 92 in.

Fulham Factory Wharf I, 122 x 82 in.

18 Windows, 82 x 60 in.

Fulham Factory Wharf II, 82 x 61 in.

Mercer Parking, 40 x 30 in.

Solace, 122 x 91

HP Fruity Sauce, 40 x 30 in.

No Regrets, 122 x 91 in.

The Lookout, 122 x 91 in.

Artists Statement

I studied at the Gemini School of Illustration – one of the premier illustration colleges in Europe. Post graduation and for the next 15 years I worked as a freelance Fine Art Illustrator being represented by the two foremost agencies in the UK.

I started my own Fine Art Company in 2000, representing other UK based artists but in 2009 decided to concentrate solely on my own projects.

I have been commissioned privately on a number of subjects, including portraits for private collections and have painted in New York, New England and Rome – these paintings formed my first Show held at Floren Fine Art in Dorset.

Since then I have been showing with Reuben Colley Fine Arts in Moseley, Birmingham. I was invited to help open the new Gallery by Reuben and have been part of mixed shows throughout 2010 culminating in February 2011 with my first solo show – this was very well received with over 75% of the paintings selling on the opening night . The rest of 2011 was spent building up to a show with Reuben which was held in The Vaults, A fantastic venue in Birmingham with a 2 night sponsored opening and over 90% of the paintings sold.

In the second half of 2011 I produced two paintings that were released by Reuben Colley Fine Arts as limited editions of 50 each, and most recently I have completed four Figure Pieces to be released by Collier & Dobson Ltd at the Spring Fair, NEC in February 2012.

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