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Richard Estes (born May 14, 1932 in Kewanee, Illinois) is an American painter who is best known for his photorealistic paintings. The paintings generally consist of reflective, clean, and inanimate city and geometric landscapes. He is regarded as one of the founders of the international photo-realist movement of the late 1960s, with painters such as Ralph Goings, Chuck Close, and Duane Hanson. (wikipedia)

Richard Estes at Marlborough Gallery

Richard Estes on Artnet

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  2. Ashley says:

    WOW is all I have to say

  3. Timothy says:


  4. […] this relation is very difficult.  Your thoughts would be most appreciated. Image Credit: (Painting by Richard […]

  5. […] Here is a website that has a nice collection of work by Richard Estes. Share this:Email This entry was posted in Favorite Artists, Techniques, Websites of Interest by Sven Anderson. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  6. Nita Taefi says:

    All your comments of ”Wow” is on target.  I couldn’t resist checking out all his paintings on the internet.

  7. Александр Макаров says:

    Who knows a similar artists ?

  8. EIL says:

    Robert Neffson is also a wonderful photorealism painter…. we are working on an essay for him as well.

  9. You will find Links to other similar artists in the essay by the founder of Escape Into Life here:

    Carmelita Caruana

  10. ThyGeekGoddess says:

    *Sigh* I used to get absolutely LOST in his paintings.  I used to play hookie at the Smithsonian.  It was my escape from counting my toes in school all day.  I was the kid who integrated a DC Levittown suburb and caused all the fuss in the 60s. *snark*  Mainstreamed and bored beyond the telling of it. I couldn’t resist The Mall on a gorgeous spring day.  The selection at the Art Museum was limited in the 80s, but oh how I adored them!
    Come to think of it, his paintings always come to mind whenever I’ve lived in a different scenario. Perhaps that’s why Chicago looked so familiar when I lived there. IDK, I can’t remember if I saw Chi paintings back then. It was an unintended destination and it’s been my home a few of times.  I’d remember how I used to wonder what life would be like when I finally set out on my own.  I wanted so much just to walk right into them.  I was Hamburger Helpered and mainstreamed to the extent of setting a timer for my 18th birthday.  I got a watch and luggage for graduation (no car)!  ISYN!
    And I’ll bet the guard thought I was a little moron for taking so long to find where Estes had hidden his name.    I think my favorite one was on the diner menu.  I think he was going for like, 45 cents.  
    I beg to differ, Mr. Estes! 
    I hear Bohemia is somewhere in the Pacific Northwest….
    But for now, I’d better do that “eye-closey” thing.  Sorry for the sleep deprived ramble. 

  11. willow reed says:

    i. am. amazed.

  12. Sandra Avanço says:


  13. Extraordinário! Parabéns pela sensibilidade do cick, pelo olhar atento ao quadro urbano, potente em beleza. Abraços!

    Flávio Assis
    Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

  14. Chathurarch says:


  15. Na says:

    waw…..I like your work ….BRAVO

  16. webelieveinjohnlock says:

    Absolutely incredible work!

  17. Pippo says:

    fantasti and incredible

  18. The Toldeo Museum has a gorgeous Estes in which he depicts a diner and a flower shop. He signed the painting by including his name on the menu in the window of the diner. What’s so neat is that if you get really close, the photographic images dissolve into beautiful little abstract parts and pieces. No big flat areas–every square inch just dances in the eye.

  19. […] to the creation of ink-jet printers. Anyway, more recently guys like Paul Cadden, Craig Wylie, Richard Estes and others have taken photorealisim to the next level, hyperrealism.   Paul Cadden probably sums […]

  20. […] Richard Estes photorealistic paintings […]

  21. […] – and real. The desire for the real, reality, is unquenchable. American photo realism: Estes is past master of cityscape, glass and chrome, shiny surfaces; and they are beautiful. […]

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