Nicoletta Ceccoli

About The Artist

Nicoletta has illustrated many books,mainly in Italy, in the USA and in the UK. Her work has been exhibited at the Bologna Children’s Book fair seven times. She has also shown her work among the others in ‘Roq la Rue’ (Seattle), ’Magic Pony’ (Toronto), ’Dorothy Circus’ (Rome), Richard Goodall Gallery (Manchester). In 2001, Nicoletta was awarded with the Andersen prize as best Italian illustrator of the year. She is also a four time recipient of the ‘award of excellence’ from Communication Arts. In 2006 she received the silver medal from Society of Illustrator (New York).

Nicoletta Cecoli’s Website

Nicoletta Cecoli on IndiesArt

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  1. Graeme says:

    Wow! Very interesting! 

  2. love the story like quality of these and would love to see something like this submitted to Blue Lyra Review!

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