Nicole Eisenman

About the Artist:

Nicole Eisenman, whose neoclassical wall paintings incorporate subversive imagery, is a superb draftsman. In all of her work, she uses her technical skill to convey messages of social concern, and these messages are suffused with humor, ridicule, irony, and often violence. She takes cues not only from classical and neoclassical art, but also such disparate sources as Marc Chagall, Norman Rockwell, Delacroix, Titian, and the turn-of-the-century New York Ashcan School. She has also absorbed styles derived from comic books, television, pornography and images from pop culture. Often breaking taboos, she confounds our expectations by dressing powerful, nightmarish messages in comfortably familiar art historical and popular guises, and wrapping them in a biting humor. (read more)

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