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I simply love to draw from my head. I remember when I was in kindergarten, I always drew made-up characters and made stories with a drawing. Some of my sketch books from my age 3-5 are filled up with tits and peeing images (lol) you can see them on my web page. I remember I drew so many made-up characters when I was in elementary school while in class so all of my drawings from this period are on the textbooks and note books which sucks cause I lost them. I’ve been painting weird images since I was a kid so I never thought of what really inspires me. Some people decide to become a painter/artist at some point of their life, are inspired by other artists or something, but I can’t even recall a point when I became an artist. I still feel like a kid and paint images from my head. That way I can express what I really want to paint without thinking of other people’s thoughts or critics. (read more)

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  1. dc says:

    Hi Naoto,
    We used to dance all night together and make art in motion. I’ve been curious how you and your family are. I hope everything is good with you.. your art is amazing thoughtlessly thoughtful indeed. You are a geni=us.

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