MJ Lindo

Eu Mante lo 


God help the outcasts II

La Virgen Maria




Burbujas de amor

About The Artist

Throughout her stay in Nicaragua where her family is from, MJ Lindo has been inspired to paint multiracial women in a sensual way while maintaining a vulnerability in her subjects. Currently a bay area artist, MJ has lived in the US and in Canada, which has exposed her to many different cultures outside of her own. She finds Hindu culture inspiring from the multi limbed beautifully colorful Gods to the henna that the Indian brides wear. As a little girl living in Toronto, Canada, MJ would ride the subway everyday in hopes of seeing the huge graffiti pieces covering tremendous street walls opening her eyes to the influential art style. The decay and self wounding portrayed in MJ’s work symbolizes equality and vulnerability of the human race. It’s a message of coexistence and acceptance. While MJ has painted on many different mediums, she prefers and craves the firmness and stability she gets from painting on wood canvases. She continues to paint to document life lessons and journeys and will improve as she gains insight and wisdom.

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