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Masakatsu Sashie’s fantastic “orb” paintings depict large, city-like spheres that float gently above the remains of a failed civilization. The giant orbs, which seem to be self-contained worlds unto themselves, are pieced together from the scraps of old Showa-period buildings and bits of consumer culture, such as vending machines, pachinko parlors, fast food signs, and video game components. Part retro and part sci-fi, the orbs appear to hover gracefully between the worlds of a nostalgic past and a dystopian future. (bio)

From Interview:

As I explained in the other interview, the fundamental theme of my work is a “world” that functions by the phenomenon seen in the balanced aquarium. It is a limited space within which the circle of life exists. The size of the world to an individual varies depending on his imagination and determination. How would one view the world if his living space were physically limited, maybe in a container, for example, an aquarium?

Every life form, within its designated space, occupies a smaller territory. Within it, egoism and indifference toward the environment are repeated daily. Yet, it is also full of everyday tranquility and happiness. These two factors express a world, which is somewhat unstable but retains a comfortable balance.

In my work, the symbolic shape of a world, a container, or a territory is the sphere of the earth, which is made up of drawings of buildings. The theory has been influential to me in terms of drawing such limited and closed worlds. (read more)

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