Mars Tokyo

Mars Tokyo’s career has spanned four decades since the 1970’s. Tokyo exhibited widely in nationally juried shows in the 1970s-80’s and was listed in Who’s Who In America 1998. In 1995, Mars Tokyo attended the United Nations Fourth World Conference in Beijing China, where she presented to the NGO portion on the topic of Art as Information vs. Commodity. Chosen media has included Watercolor, Pastel, Lithography, Etching, Collage, Digital Photography, Cell and Digital Animation and 3D Assemblage.

In the first 7 years of this decade Tokyo produced a vast series of over 200 miniature 3D assemblages collectively called “Theaters of the 13th Dimension.” The object of this series was to work in the smallest scale possible while still successfully achieving all the formal aspects of large scale work. The individual theaters measure 3.25″W x 4.25″H x 4.75″D.

Tokyo’s current series of gouache paintings feature coastlines around the world. Utilizing a map like perspective, the series documents the current edges of land masses in the face of advancing global warming.

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