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Artist Statement

In an attempt to utilize metaphor, memory, iconography, and narrative, my work expresses conscious life in its most banal forms. My attempt is to transform objects and events of every day life into symbols of the universal, thus enabling me to participate within a large and complex audience.

My process is that of the historian: experiencing, assembling, and finally, recording into history, vague and seemingly impenetrable information. The intent is to utilize a vocabulary of routine images or vignettes that suggest the familiar while maintaining ambiguity.

The subjects of my work are the subtle intricacies and intimacies of life. The memories of a universal yet personal childhood, the interrelationships of emotions, and the perceptions of the mundane aspects of everyday life. The specific and the generalized, the personal and the universal, all hold equal importance in my work.

The work is attempting to bring the viewer into a place where I am able to disarm them with imagery allowing them to regress back to a particular memory; a specific moment forever embedded in the brain……whether it be truth or a complete fabrication of the subconscious, the memory has created it nonetheless.

The artwork is not to be a part nor copy of the real world, but a world in itself: independent, complete, autonomous; to understand it fully the viewer must enter that reality or world and conform to its laws.

Connection to the individual is what I seek, and what the individual viewer seeks from me. Connection to the past, to one another, to the physical world, to the spiritual. To remind the viewer of feelings, thoughts one didn’t even know they had forgotten, thus enlarging emotional possibility.

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Lora Fosberg at Linda Warren Gallery

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