Lita Cabellut

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Dulcinea 12 , Madness and Reason Series, 2010, mixed media,  250 x 200 cm

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Sancho Panza 12, Madeness and Reason Series, mixed media, 250 x 200 cm

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Don Quixote II, 2010, Madness and Reason Series, oil and plaster on linen

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Marisanille, mixed media on canvas, 130 x 100 cm

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Anouar, mixed media on canvas, 200 x 160 cm

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Manolon, mixed media on canvas, 75 x 65 cm

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Paqui, mixed media on canvas, 200 x 160 cm

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Amor de Angeles, State of Grace Series, 2009, mixed media, 250 x 200 cm

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Dulcinea 18, Madness and Reason Series, 2010, mixed media,  200 x 160 cm

escapeintolife lcabellut10

Don Quixote X, Madness and Reason Series, 2010, oil and plaster on linen

escapeintolife lcabellut11

Dulcinea 10, Madness and Reason Series, 2010, mixed media,  260 x 200 cm


Artist Statement

I paint you on the edges of sharpened knives
In the trapeze swings
where balance is a duel
between death and bravery.
In the theaters
where they applaud with the soles of their feet,
our hands are tied
to the back of the chair.
We don’t reach what we see
we don’t touch what we desire,
I paint you
with your mouth shut tight
and your nose wide like a bull
breathing bravery
and holding in tenderness
a shout that scares the brightness of the colors.
Sometimes I paint you
with pain of anguish
and without forgiving I leave you
with the indigos and violets
I close the door
I go out
searching for another color
I return
in the same
with the contrast
and you,

my life

When I finish a painting and I sit down alone to re-examine and rediscover what has come out of my soul, I always read in the canvas, through the eyes, the mouth, the gestures, the colors, the lines fighting or kissing, a poem.

– Lita Cabellut

Lita Cabellut’s Website

Lita Cabellut at Bill Lowe Gallery

Lita Cabellut at Opera Gallery

10 responses to “Lita Cabellut”

  1. Annie Syed says:

    love that poem and my favorite piece is: Amor de Angeles

    fantastic~ all around.

  2. CCaruana says:

    Thanks Annie, I think these paintings are truly great and did you read Cabellut’s biography?

    She was born into a gypsy familyin Barcelona and after 13 years of street and orphan life she was adopted and was taken on a visit to the Prado Musuem that changed her life – she fell in love with art, started painintg, and just four years later, aged 17 she had her first solo exhibition – amazing!

  3. Olmocs says:

    WOW! Love this!

  4. Me too, I think she is a great painter, a great artist!

  5. Did you read her amazing story? Born into a gypsy family in Barcelona she lived the life of an orphan and a street child until she was adopted at the age of 13. Her new family took her to the Prado in Madrid and she immediatley decided she wanted to be painter and started painting. She had her first solo exhibiton just four years later, aged 17, and has since gone from one success to another. Wonderful work!

  6. Nikira says:

     Absolute beauty. Painting and poem. 

  7. CCaruana says:

    Thank you, always nice to get appreciation of the selected artist, and I personally love her work! – Carmelita

  8. Thank you, it is always good to get approval of the artists selected and I just love her work. – Carmelita

  9. Anneliesmulder says:

    Really incredable!!
    What a paintings, what an expressions in the faces Lita has painted.
    What a talent she is, saw her this evening for the first time on Dutch tv.

    Annelies, Deventer

  10. Oh, thank you! I love her work and wish more people could see it, that’s why I posted it here. Really happy you enjoy it too.

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