Lisa Solberg

Red Rover, 2011, acrylic, oil, 72 x 109 in.

Finger Bonding, 2011, acrylic, oil, 72 x 112 in.

Queen Of  Shark, 2011, acrylic, oil, chalk, 72 x 104 in.

Rabbit Punch, 2011, oil, acrylic, 72 x 109 in.

Everything Is Beautiful, Nothing Hurts, 2011, oil, spray paint, 72 x 112 in.

Andrej Pejic, 2011, oil, acrylic, 72 x 107 in.

Metalgutten, 2011, acrylic, oil, nail polish, 72 x 112 in.

Destroyers D’eux-Memes, 2011, oil, acrylic, 72 x 112 in.

About The Artist

Originally from Chicago, but also spending much of her time in Europe and Asia, Lisa Solberg uses her world travels and cultural trends as inspiration for her paintings and drawings.  Her work transcends continuality; engaging the moment and expressing with relentless and unforgiving motions.  Energy and rawness are a huge focus, as well as the vibrant depiction of optimism and an ultimate realization of the beauty within the void.  Lisa currently resides in downtown Los Angeles.

Lisa Solberg’s Website

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