Julien Chaves

Gilbert (2004)

Jean-Jacques (2004)

Claude (2004)

Antoine (2004)

Philippe (2004)

Hugues et Robert (2004)

Pierre et Paul (2004)

autoportrait (1995)

Faux jumeaux (1990)

Le grand dresseur de chaises (2004)

About the Artist

Julien Chaves was born in 1958, and lives and works in Metz, France.

Mindful that before him existed over fifteen thousand years of painting, he tries to consider in his paintings, this historical dimension, which he turned into a strange “syncretism holistic” difficultly translatable into English, and indeed, in French, nobody understands it either . . .

Julien Chaves’s Website

Thanks to Carmelita for finding this artist!

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