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Artist Bio

It is rare indeed to find someone that combines sublime painting ability with the energy and infectious enthusiasm of youth. Joel is one of those and together with the Lethbridge Gallery and its philosophy of artist’s in control, he brings that enthusiasm to the market and shares his skill and vision with a broad public.

Joel draws on his own life and emotions and those of his peers for his paintings, and that honesty and fidelity is plain to see in his oeuvre to date. He works primarily in oil and the combination of realism with a brilliant and fearless colour palette make for an enduring impression.

Having his first showing at the Melbourne Affordable Art Show in 2005, he met with immediate success as his first works were eagerly snapped up. This established a pattern for all the following shows. His first solo show at the Lethbridge Gallery in November 2006 was sold out on opening night. The last two years have seen his vision broaden, his subject matter deepen and his prices soar as word spreads about his powerful, vivid images and masterly technique.

Joel Rea at Lethbridge Gallery

Joel Rea’s Website

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