Jill Simonsen

escapeintolife jsimonsen 1Untitled, Antenna Series, 2008

escapeintolife simonsen 2Seattle II, 2006

escapeintolife jsimonsen 3Untitled, Lamp Series, 2008

escapeintolife jillsimonsen 4Untitled, Antenna series, 2008

escapeintolife jsimonsen 5Untitled, Tree Series, 2008

escapeintolife simonsen 6Untitled, Antenna Series, 2006

escapeintolife simonsen 7Untitled, Powerline Series, 2007

escapeintolife jsimonsen 8Untitled, Lamp Series, 2008

About the Artist

Jill Simonsen renders scenes of isolation with a curious mix of excess and emptiness. Antennas fight for space on an undersized roof, ubiquitous powerlines crosshatch dusky pastel skies into plaid. In many of her works, a pale orb looks on blindly, an indistinguishable sun or moon, unblinking in the haze. Simonsen utilizes her graphic style and recognizable and inorganic imagery to create works that are both realistic and hopeful, as they attempt to understand the means by which people communicate and, despite these interactions, become isolated.

Jill Simonsen’s Website

Thanks to Jerry Shawback for finding this artist

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Minimalist elements convey a world of meaning! Especially liked the 6th image!

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