Gary Tolomei

Artist Statement

I never planned to be a painter. I fell in love with painting when I accidentally enrolled in a beginning painting class in college, and I’ve been painting ever since.

At first, the work was mostly technical, in a strictly realistic style. But after several years, this mode of working proved to be very unsatisfying. A two year lull ensued in which I experimented with other media until returning to my first love. The work of painting gradually matured to what it is today; a coalescence and distillation of the various interests and pursuits, experiences and responses that occur while going about the business of my little life.

Gary Tolomei’s Website

4 responses to “Gary Tolomei”

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  2. Pam says:

    I like his symbolic work more than photorealistic work, because the later work shows he has mature as a person and not just as a painter.

  3. Pam says:

    This artist has just amazing insight, lots of senstivity and a sense of humor too. Just check out these paintings at his website, oh my God simply mind blowing. I love his intelligence and way he has shown these things on canvas which we usually ignore in real life —-

    The Revolutionary New Controlled Rectifier
    Macho Painting (petite version)
    The Ecstasies of Teresa and Amber
    Outer/Inner Space
    Chairman of the Bored

    This is the real work of an artist to bring the unknown or the missed out from ordinary eyes into the eyes of the world. To me , this is called as art.

  4. pammi says:

    It takes some time to absorb symbolic work of art, since the meaning is hidden deep within, and takes some work on the part of viewer. But since viewers are mostly in hurry, they prefer photorealistic art.

    He has good sense of humor, amazing insight and very good artist. I really enjoyed watching some of his paintings online. Checkout these art works on his site —

    Mother Italy
    Outer/Inner Space
    The Ecstasies of Teresa and Amber
    God from the Machine
    Chairman of the Bored
    Macho Painting (petite version)

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