Fu Yuxiang – Studio Visit

Fu Yuxiang at his Chongqing Fashion Museum of Art, Chongqing, China 

I have spent the summer painting and traveling in China.  Setting up a studio in the office of a coffee shop in Chongqing, I have had a wonderful introduction to cultural, art, and life in China.

This past week I had the pleasure to meet renowned Chinese artist Fu Yuxiang in his studio in Chongqing.  Operating publication, design, and a multitude of additional functions outside of paintingto, Fu Yuxiang is the embodiment of the modernity and creative edge in the Chinese art scene. 

 Sheep, 2011, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Cheetah, 2012, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

“Fu Yuxiang’s paintings reveal a quiet stillness of the creature in their own proper place, reflecting an aspiration and pursuit of ultimate freedom.”  – Ye Yongqing’s Poetic Melancholy 

Pug, 2011, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Dog, 2011, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

“With a strong vivid stamp of cultural geography, Fu Yuxiang’s paintings demonstrate an influence of the vast land and rolling mountains of Sichuan on his soul.”  – Ding Fang, Chosen Quietness, 2005 

Goat, 2011, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Incident, 2011, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Looking at You, 2011, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Fu Yuxiang in his studio, July 2012

 Fu Yuxiang portrays “warmth, softness, and skills to create a state of life, by loving and utilizing simply black and white color, shows the truth of object, and the source of the mystery of the world.”  – Du Xiyun


You can see more of Fu Yuxiang’s work through the following link:

Fu Yuxiang on Artspy 


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