‘Figures and Landscapes’ Exhibition by Mario Sughi

6° Senso Art Gallery presents ‘Figures and Landscapes’ a solo exhibition of 23 works by Mario Sughi.

The exhibition will open at the gallery in Rome on Saturday 10 November 2012 and runs until 6 December 2012.

Exhibition catalogue by Darwin edizioni, 64 pages, 35 color plates, presentation and essays by Prof. Carlo Arturo Quintavalle (CSAC, Universita’ di Parma), & Mary Grehan. Arts Director of the Waterford Healing Arts Trust and Writer. More about Mario Sughi’s catalogue on his website soon.

 Exhibition catalogue by Darwin edizioni


Large Interior

End of Summer

Les Sportifs


Everything must pass


If we reflect on these works by Mario Sughi we can certainly recognise the influence of British Pop Art but also of other elements. There is the intentional suspension of time, his wish to depict non-events, to draw and colour figures who have no history, if not in those tiny gestures that are hinted at, or suggested, because they are always subtly ambiguous. I think that, in the dimension of the new depiction of British figurative art today, but also of Italian art, Mario Sughi’s work is important, principally because of his capacity to enrich the ancient language of art with the novelty of new expressions, like the influence of comics, affiches and illustrations. This is a new pictorial language: original, innovative and of the highest quality. – Prof Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, (CSAC Universita’ di Parma)

The subjects are more than fictional characters. They are also a vehicle for Mario’s visual concerns. His aesthetic is based on simplicity, elegance and lightness of touch. Like Alex Katz, the American artist, he rises to the artistic challenge of conveying much with very little. – Mary Grehan, Director of the Waterford Healing Arts Trust and Writer


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