Erin Richardson

A peaceful journey, mixed media on canvas 20″ x 24″

Bundles of Joy, mixed media on canvas

Stability, mixed media on canvas board (oil, acrylic, collage)

Hold on, mixed media on stretched canvas (oil, acrylic, collage)

Imagination, mixed media on wrapped canvas 100 x 50 cm

The bench, mixed media, oil and collage on canvas board 18″ x 14″

Riding the Milky Way, mixed media, oil and collage on canvas  24″ x 20″

Cast your nets, mixed media on canvas

About The Artist

Erin’s work is often described as uplifting and joyous, however, her subjects and compositions reach far beyond that. Conjuring deep emotions and exploring new ways to assert her intense creativity she pushes back boundaries of mixed media art forms to convey a series of intense and inspiring paintings that are not only beautifully painted but also effortlessly enchanting.

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