Deborah McMillion

Blood Orange Martini, (2008), oil on panel, 6 x 7 in.

(Blood Orange bitters brings out the strange and unusual)

Buñuel, (2008), oil on panel, 6 x 7 in.

(the Surreal Martini)

The Blue Hour, (2008), oil on panel, 6 x 7 in.

(that time of day where the light plays tricks)

The Cosmopolitan, (2008), oil on panel, 6 x 7 in.

(the real deal)

Strike!, (2010), iPad

(The Diving Lady neon was struck down in a storm. Good news is she is being restored! She is a 3-figure diver completed by a splash)

Sun, (2011), iPad

(Variation on The Diving Lady)

Vespers, (2011), iPad

(Castle Rock, Sedona)

Rain Fall(2011), iPad

(Eichler home with weather)

Glass Houses (2012), iPad

 (The Mushroom Bank/Phoenix, classic mid-modern with someone to catch the fish)

Atomic Side Up, (2012), iPad

(any second now the Yuma Sand Dunes serves them up!)

Artist Statement

I’m a classically trained artist, a graduate of Arizona State University in fine art. I began my professional career running the Rural Arts Project, a fine arts serigraph print shop for non-profit organizations in Pinal County. After moving to Phoenix, I joined MARS Artspace, which began a 15 year membership as an exhibiting artist including six years as Artistic Director and Curator.

Later, I purchased an iPhone and joined the App group on Flickr (MAAP/Mobile Artists’ Assigned Paintings). I connected with this amazing group of artists who were serious about iArt. We put together the following shows; two major iArt conventions (iAMDA); with the backing of Autodesk and my app, SketchbookPro 2 exhibitions at Autodesk University in Las Vegas; 1 Market St. (San Francisco); and the Stylectrical exhibit at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. This last year I painted nearly 220 paintings by hand on my iPad.

My art reflects the era that has always meant the most to me: The 1950s. It was an era of Eichler homes, shell chairs, flying saucers, Atomic prints, finned cars and an optimism that anything can happen.



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