David Ruhlman

escapeintolife d ruhlman 1The Left hand of Edvard Munch is the right hand of God, Part 2, gouache on wood panel 24 x 28 in.

escapeintolife d ruhlman 2

Children have Small Ghosts, gouache on wood panel, 48 x 48 in.

escapeintolife d ruhlman 3

Our Secrets  are Our Own, gouache on wood panel, 24 x 36 in.

escapeintolife  d ruhlman 4

Leave the City, gouache on newspaper / wood panel, 18 x 34 in

escapeintolife d ruhlman

The Earth Grows in Each of Us, ( Scales), gouache on wood panel, 12 x 23 in.

escapeintoliofe d ruhlman 6

Each Animal Buries Itself, gouache on wood panel, 18 x 35 in.

escapeintolife david ruhlman 7

This is No Ordinary Glove (for Gustave Courbet), gouache on wood panel, mixed media, ( no dimensions given)

escapeintolife d ruhlamn 8

The Earth is a Secret Knot, (black birds/November 7, 1937), gouache on newspaper / wood panel,  24 x 48 in.

Artist Statement

I am interested in the double, and its grotesque cousin, the anagram. The world rearranged, language transformed, the image as puzzle. Twins, mirror images, the double which is not quite the same, where there is connection and correlation but always difference.

I am interested in the juxtaposition and accumulation of images (birds, children, trees, peapods, teeth, a wasp’s nest) and how the accretion and composition of these images continually challenges the way we see the world.

About the Artist

David Ruhlman, a self taught painter primarily works in gouache on wood panel.  He also creates books, collages, and installations, all using found objects.  David’s work has appeared in shows at the Salt Lake Art Center, The Object Gallery, Finch Lane, Atlanta Georgia, Houston Baptist Universtiy, The Pickle Company, London International Festival of Surrealism 2008 and Tangermünde, Germany.

David Ruhlman’s Website

Thanks to Scott Rothstein for finding this artist

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