Daniel Lumbini

Face Rape, oil and collage on paper, 2010

Sharn: Portrait Disruption, oil on collage on canvas, 2010

End Of X, oil and sim cards on canvas, 2011

All Vice And No Virtue, oil and collage on canvas, 2010

Study For The Summer Of Lover, oil and collage on canvas, 2010

All Kinds Of Evil, oil and collage on paper, 2010

Son Of Siam, oil on canvas, 2010

Artist Statement

My work I think displays an unnatural obsession with the human form: the study of awkwardness, insecurity, emancipation and, ultimately, my fascination with evolutional anomoly.

I like the juxtaposition of realistic imagery, contrasting arcane brushstrokes, much like body language might contradict our emotions. My painting are hours of process, fighting with elements, destroying the results, and then starting again. But I could change the tone of a painting in an instance by furtively introducing something that shouldn’t be there. And that’s where it gets interesting.

I’d like to say something profound about how this visceral process of reworking and the constant cycle of destruction of a painting reflects upon the superficial world we live in, and how I’ve since become a martyr to my art. But then that would be a lie; I do it because it looks good!”

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