Corey Corcoran

escapeintolife_corocan1Thinking Cap, acrylic, goauche, penicl, crayon

escaspeintolife_corocan2Ear Potato, acrylic, ink, goauche, pencil

escapeintolife_corocan3Allergies, etching

escapeintolife_corocan4Perish, acrylic, goauche, crayon, pencil

escapeintolife_corey-corocan5Swampface, clay, goauche, pencil, ink

escapeintolife_corey_corcoran6Mostly Dead, acyrlic, ink, gouahce, crayon

escapeintolife_corey_corcoran7Ear Worm, etching with aquatint

escapeintolife -corey-corcoran8Flower Bed, goauche, ink, pencil, ink

escapeintolife_corey_corcoran9Thought Bubbles, gouache, ink, pencil, crayon

escapeintolife_corcoran10Soul Search, etching with aquatint

Artist Bio

Corey Corcoran (b.1985)  is a Boston-based artist currently working at The Distillery, a vibrant community of artists in South Boston.  Since acquiring his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2007, Corcoran has shown regularly throughout the Boston area. Most recently, the artist has been included in shows at MEME Gallery (Cambridge, MA), deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum (Lincoln, MA), and LaMontagne Gallery (South Boston, MA) with solo exhibitions at The Little Gallery Under The Stairs (Lynn, MA) and Fivesevendelle Project Space (Boston, MA). The artist has been awarded the 2011 Clowes Award fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center (Johnston, VT).

About the Artist

Corey Corcoran’s work explores issues of interdependence: figure with ground, individual with culture, body with biology and pictorial illusion with materials. Through paintings, mixed media, and site-specific installation, Corcoran creates dense visual ecosystems. In the creation of a piece, he gravitates toward reaching a certain balance. Color, texture, and pattern act as the primordial soup from which the notion of progress and finality may arise. The images are built from a myriad of sources, materials, and textures.

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