Charlotte Wensley

Artist Statement

I pick up my paintbrush and so begins a new and revolutionary journey. I am driven to explore my inner emotional landscape, to cast my mind back and revisit both transient and embedded emotions and memories.

I allow musings to rise unfettered into my consciousness. I sketch and write as thoughts spend hours or days or maybe even weeks at the forefront of my mind, being given a changing perspective by the events of each new day. This process of contemplation leads me then to focus on the strongest experience, define its essence and thus begin a painting.

Using abstract landscape as a metaphor for spiritual space I go in search of a visual resolution, inspired to describe instinctive feelings using symbolism, colour and composition.

I am consumed by a persistent fascination with the abstract nature of emotion and its inherent qualities.

I seek to create a visual language with which I can describe intangible experiences.

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