Brian Morgan

Three Amigos, oil and ink on wood, 24 x 36 in

Pigeon Run

Quicksilver, oil-vinyl-ink on wood, 24 x 36 in

Windy City Scorchers

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

High Roller

Elotes Locos

Major Taylor

Artist Bio

Brian Morgan is a Chicago artist, living and working in the area since 1999. His education began in advertising, design and illustration from the College of DuPage in his hometown of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He later earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University where he studied mostly printmaking and figure drawing.

After graduating in 1998 Brian moved to Chicago and concentrated his efforts on oil painting. He typically paints rough and humorous images of life and politics in America. Poking fun at the American political machine and the country’s ability to be, at times, very short sighted. More recently Brian has been exploring his life long love of the Bicycle. These paintings are more humorous and are an exploration of the wide variety of people who ride bicycles in the city. With, of course, the motley variety of strange bald men, dark and ominous birds, and expressive fluid lines.

Brian Morgan’s Website

Brian Morgan’s Blog

Brian Morgan at Jackson Junge Gallery

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