Benjamin Edmiston

EscapeIntoLife_BEdmiston1Holding the Rope, 2010

EscapeIntoLife_BEdmiston3Blood Brothers’ Union, 2011

EscapeIntoLife_BEdmiston3Modern Antique, (Motorhead), 2011


Reaper in Gold Shoes, 2011


Untitled, 2011


Christmas Dinner, 2011

EscapeIntoLife_BEdmiston7Everybody’s Working For The Weekend, 2011

Ice Man, 2011

EscapeIntoLife_BEdmiston8The Escape, 2010

EscapeIntoLife_BEdmiston10In The Tank, 2010

Artist Statement

My compositions feature unusual or fantastical settings inhabited by ominous characters depicted in a flat and decorative style. My bold, and often symmetrical, drawings offer a plane of floating heads, half-skinned snakes, and bodiless arms. Building a personal vocabulary with such imagery recalls for me the tension of an early, crude Mickey Mouse cartoon, or a misplaced folk sculpture standing eerily on a dusty shelf. The creation of a familiar but askew world — the sensation of the unheimlich –  is what fuels my work.

About the Artist

Pennsylvania born artist Benjamin Edmiston lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  He has a BFA in painting from Tyler School of Art, Temple Univesrity, and anticpates completing his MFA from Brooklyn College in 2012. He works in drawing, illustration, screen print, collage and mixed media painting.

Benjamin Edmiston Website

Benjamin Edmiston’s Flickr

Benjamin Edmiston 2011 Interview

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