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I went to Med school in Lubeck, Germany. When I graduated High School I wanted to get an education in art, but was afraid of the reality of making a living as an artist. I was afraid that I would struggle and loose interest in making art if I “had” to do it every day to pay the bills. So I enrolled in Med school because I was always very interested in the subject matter.

Studying the subject was really cool, but the two years were also terrifying partly because I was confronted with exams in many subjects I was terrible in, such as Chemistry and Physics. The subject that took up the most time was Anatomy, which actually was my favorite. But studying for that subject involved dissecting bodies every day for hours on end. It was very interesting, but also tore on the nerves to be one of 10 people huddled around one body cutting and tearing and pushing each other aside to find muscles and nerves. I remember many macabre moments.

I left because I realized over time that while I loved studying the subject I did not want to become a doctor. Art was always in the back of my head and through my time at med school I was so busy with studying that I hardly ever had the time to draw. I applied for Art School (Art Center College of Design) and when I got in I decided to go and try the entire opposite of what I had been doing so far: devote myself 100% to art and see where that takes me. I’m very happy I did. (read more)

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