Alessandro Pagani

Untitled (Milano odia) , oil on canvas, 2011, 75 x 45

Vanitas, oil on canvas, 2011, 60 x 42

Boxer (Ken Norton), oil on canvas, 2011, 90 x 65

Untitled (Boxer) ,oil on canvas, 2011, 50 x 65

Untitled (Van Dyck II), oil on canvas, 2011, 50 x 57

Untitled (Van Dyck), oil on canvas, 2010, 60 x 42 

Untitled (Der Amerikanische Freund), oil on canvas, 2010, 70 x 50 cm.

About The Artist

Alessandro Pagani was born in 1973 and currently lives in Milan, Italy. 

Behind The Canvas: Interview With Alessandro Pagani

What I paint is taken from reality (or from its fiction, like cinema) but my purpose isn’t to reproduce it. I used to work with images taken from different places and to present them in diptych or triptych, but most recently I’ve been working on a single image. In this case, my painting becomes an “imperfect simulation”, just like John Carpenter’s “The Thing” imitating humans and being interrupted before the ending of the operation. (cont

Alessandro Pagani’s Website

Alessandro Pagani via Saatchi Online   

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