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Alessandra Gasparini was born in Genova in 1964, but she would say that she was born in the sea.

When she was a child she used to run along the beach like a beginner siren, and there she remained alone, listening to the spells of waves, to the magic of tides and the secrets hidden in the shells?

Right there her painting was born; an alchemic mix between brackish water and the pungent fragrance of colors.

Alessandra had a long artistic training that was for her not only a study, but a way of thinking. She studied in Italy and in Germany, and her works were exposed in many important private and public exhibitions.

When Alessandra was a child she had her own sweet muse, hidden somewhere at home, waiting for her. She waited for the right impastos like the cadmio that she desired so much for her dress.

When at the end, Adelaide revealed, Alessandra’s painting had an emotional blow, a new creative impulse.

Just like a real muse, Adelaide is exigent and she demands complete devotion. As she appears perspective becomes oblique, lines and forms get in trouble and follow her changing moods. And Alessandra indulges her.

Her paintings, where Adelaide is the only protagonist, are made up of warm and dense colors, creating metaphysical atmospheres coming from a rebellious and naughty soul.

So painting is a blade, a weapon. The blade is a sharp mirror that tears, but at the same time reflects what we are.

Adelaide knows all this and she always asks her mirror: “Mirror, mirror you’re like a blade. I don’t care who the fairest of the reign is!” And perhaps on one occasion she has even whispered to Alessandra while painting her: Take care of you in hurting me, take care of you in turning the blade where you know. You really seem to hear in the room Adelaide’s laughs and noise. Here is poetry, children’s imagination that magically transforms.

Therefore Alessandra Gasparini’s Puella Aeterna has shined into the Luciferian gaze of her little incomparable muse. (Octavia Art Gallery)

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