Aaron Tucker

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Aaron Tucker is a southern artist who lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. He began his artistic training at age eleven under the tutelage of an artistic father. After doing some extensive travel in the United States, he went back to school and studied painting formally at Ball State University, where he graduated with a BFA.

Aaron has always worked in both oils and collage, using one to influence the other. “As a child in North Carolina, I grew up wandering around in the woods near our house, finding treasures, dragging them home, and making art out of whatever I found,” he says.

Aaron’s work is aged and weathered, the color is raw, and he finds inspiration in marks, scratches, scrapes, and half-images. He draws heavily from antique children’s books, isolating images and replacing their original content with that of a new, fractured one. “Several years ago, I began collecting paper with old images, which I found useful in developing imagery for my painting. Marks left behind by children in books from years past also intrigued me. Soon my studio was filled with antique paper which began to creep into the works themselves.”

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  1. Wonderful colour and love the use of vintage children's books in Aaron Tucker's #paintings.

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