VIDEO: Even If We Try by Night Beds

Night Beds comes to us from Nashville via Colorado Springs, and the influence of both locales can be felt on “Even If We Try”. Singer Winston Yellen’s Buckley-esque warble (which spends most of the song battling with a weeping fiddle to see which sound can instill more melancholy in the listener) invokes the spirit of some of Nashville’s great country crooners, like Eddy Arnold and Johnny Cash. Meanwhile, the cavernous reverb of the bare-bone verses brings to mind the wide open expanses of the west, and what it must have felt like growing up next to the shadow of the Rockies; inspired by the beauty but constantly reminded of just how small and sometimes insignificant we are.

Watch the disturbingly mesmerizing video below.

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  1. Mandy says:

    Disturbingly mesmerizing video indeed but the song is very calming.. I like.

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