Siriusmo – Idiologie


Thinking of summer, this inspiring animated music collage video by Dent De Cuir will get your spirits dancing and maybe inspire some creativity too. The song Idioligie is by Siriusmo from his new record “Mosaik” with Monkeytown Records 2011.

Monkey Town Records states: “it’s not even a decade-spanning discography that makes Siriusmo’s debut album seem so overdue. In a dance domain where 12-inch verbosity rules, the inimitable Berlin producer has always stood out by way of his penchant for the concise, for the song over the “track”, for quality over quantity – a musical personality that has forever craved the long-player. And with previous releases striding confidently through a rich array of genres – from dubstep to disco, hip-hop to house, electro to experimental – his work is invested with incomparable diversity, eschewing outright any danger of a four-four snooze-fest over the course of an hour. Indeed, in its premeditated hodgepodge of styles, composite sonic totality and rugged texture, Mosaik couldn’t be more of a fitting rubric.”



Thanks to morgane parma/ illustration for sharing this video!

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