Music Video: We’re Here – Guillemots

Painting by Rae Mahaffey

Coming from their first album Through The Windowpane, the third single released by the bizarre and endearing UK band Guillemots, entitled We’re Here, is an ode to the natural splendour which surrounds us every day. In an era when most alternative music spends its time moaning, the eccentric four-piece group prefer to raise spirits, and this song is one of their very finest. Frontman Fyfe Dangerfield, who recently released a solo album, is a gifted multi-instrumentalist whose tenor soars through this five-minute tune, and the group uses a wide array of instruments, including many orchestral arrangements, to create their unique sound.

We’re Here is a song praising the beauty we all too often take for granted, lauding nature and embracing it without being overly saccharine or cliché. The video, which uses stunning time-lapse photography to capture the scope of its subject, is not only unique but engrossing and fantastic to look at, so it’s more than worthy of your viewing time. Check out the band’s official website if you’d like to learn more.

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