Music Video: Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Looking (and to some extent sounding) like a cross between Nancy Sinatra and Bridget Bardot, Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant) is all pouting lips, batting lashes, bouffant hair and whiskey-tipped vocals. She uses all those assets to incredible effect in the music video for “Video Games,” a slow barrage of clips from a disparate array of movies, cartoons, paparazzi footage, home videos and video games that combine to create one of the most mesmerizingly pretty videos of the year.

As for the song, Lana uses the verses to walk us through those little moments of a relationship where love lives (driving in a fast car, kissing in the dark, playing video games) freeing up the chorus for all the big proclamations (the world was built for two). It’s a beautiful love song delivered with deadly precision. Watch the video below.

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