Wild Window by Fool’s Gold

When I’m at a party or a wedding and a conga line forms, two simultaneous but opposing thoughts immediately jump to the front of my mind. The first is the general absurdity that a conga line is even a thing. That all it takes is a rhythm and percussion-laden song (and a little bit of alcohol) to get an entire group of people, regardless of age or sex or socioeconomic background, to instinctively form an orderly line and start to dance-walk in unison is just ludicrous. The second thought that pops into my mind: get me in that conga line right now! There is just something enchanting and intoxicating and primal about the communal moving of bodies. And there in lies the fun of “Wild Window,” the first single off of Fool’s Gold’s sophomore lp, Leave No Trace. All crisp guitar, bouncing bass, rusty rattles and fluttering flutes, it’s a conga song in indie-rock clothes. Listen below and let Fool’s Gold’s expertly crafted afropop-infused communal-vibed jams get your conga-party popping.



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