Origins by Tennis

Denver husband/wife duo Tennis broke onto the scene at the very beginning of 2011 with debut album Cape Dory, a breezy (sometimes to a fault) collection of compact indie-pop that seemed to get as much attention (if not more) for the songs as it did the story. The story was that the couple, before they were a band, saved up some money, sold a bunch of their stuff, got on a boat and took off for the open seas. As they sailed the ocean blue, an album started to come together. The rest is history.

Well, the band has new material on the way. “Origins” is the first taste and it’s still as breezy as anything off of Cape Dory. But where Cape Dory‘s songs were breezy to the point of feeling a little precious, “Origins” is showing a bit of muscle. The vocals are less flimsy. The guitar a little dirtier. The melody a little moodier. All of which make me think the band has a trick or two left up its sleeve. Stream the song below.

Origins by tennisinc


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